About Me

Frustrated of inflating prices and a lack of vegetarian ingredients, I switched from shopping a regional “budget” chain to shopping at Trader Joes and Costco. Inspired by their low prices, surprising amount of veggie options, and with a new look on convenience vegetarian meals, I am ready to cook again (well, kinda). As a busy professional who works full time, I’m looking for easy meals to work into my weekly meal prep that don’t break the bank.

My name is Michaela and I live in Bend, OR with my husband and dog. I primarily do the cooking and that is a combination of cooking 1-2 large meals on Sundays and cooking on weeknights after a full day of work. When I’m not cooking and scheming about my projects, some of my favorite activities are hanging out with family and friends, playing board games, and skiing (both alpine and nordic).

Another thing that is important to me is budgeting and personal finance. When I’m searching for inspiration for recipes, I find so many specialty ingredients that involve a trip to the stores like Whole Foods and cost more money. With rising prices, I want easy meals that are on a budget. You’ll find me buying both organic and non-organic, trying my best to stick to only ingredients from the said stores above, and cooking with a mixture of convenience foods and from scratch foods.

My goal is to focus on simple recipes with simple ingredients for a busy vegetarian or vegan. Thanks for joining me!